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Choosing the right size collar for your pet

First, measure your dog's neck. The best way to get the correct size is to measure your pet. 

A soft tape measure is the easiest. A piece of string or a belt can also be used and then measured against a ruler, or even estimated against a known length, like a sheet of 8.5"X11" paper. 

The common 'add 2 inches' is not an accurate way to estimate the size needed as 2" is a lot on a small dog, but may not be enough on a big dog.

Measure snug against the dogs fur, then add about 5% to the total measurement. 

Keep it simple by rounding the initial measurement up to the nearest whole number it's over 1/2 or, round down if it's less than 1/2.

Estimating example: Pets actual measurement is 16 3/4"

Round to 17 inches, 10% would be 1.7 inches and half of 1.7 is .85 (or 5% of the total inches around). Round .85 inches to 1 inch

This pet would need a collar adjusted to a length of about 18 inches. 

Here are our collar sizes:

Small 11-14"

Medium 15-22"

Large 17-25"

Note that our collar sizes are slightly different from those at LupinePet because we have accounted for the space needed for personalization. That way your pet's name will not be obscured.